Its Getting Chilly

Its getting to be Fall here in the Mid-West, that means Marigolds seems to be everywhere. Here are a couple from our garden I took with a new lens I was trying out. Nikon 50mm.

A bouqet of fresh white Marigolds all ready for Fall.
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Odell Lake, Oregon

A short flight with the Mavic Air as the sun came up over Odell Lake in the Oregon Mountains in 4K. Best viewed in full screen.

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Desert Walk

Just a few from a short walk out in the desert. It was cold and dark so I felt it would look best as black and white and grainy.

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New Site

Switching site arFlaBook-1ound to better reflect my interest.  More photos, less politics,


I will still have some trucking stuff since that career still pays the bills but from now on I plan to focus more on photography, astronomy and travel.


I have deleted the old site and redirected to here.  I hope you all enjoy.



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