Scuba in DR

A few shots from scuba diving in Dominican Republic in December. Shots taken with Sealife 1400 underwater camera.

Snorkeling trip in Dominican Republic

Snorkeling trip in Dominican Republic

Snorkeling trip in Dominican Republic

Total Solar Eclipse

Went to Columbia, MO for the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. I took along my 8 inch Celestron telescope and DSLR and got some cool pictures through the combination…

The color variation is from processing at different temperature setting in Lightroom.


Moon eating sunspots…


This last one really shows the solar corona.


This was my first try at doing some real astrophotography with this setup.  Hopefully its a good start.

A Little Video

I see I have been a while since posting anything new. Its been a busy couple of months and photography has taken a back seat, hopefully that will change soon. We are off to Cancun next week and should come back with lots of content. But in the meantime here’s a video from Bikes Blues and BBQ this last September.

Getting Out the Paints

Doing a little painting in Photoshop today.  What do you think?

Just used the dry brush filter and kicked up the saturation to get some pretty cool effects.

These pic are from the Route 66 festival in Springfield, Mo a few months ago and were shot on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Heers Building at Night
Heers Building at Night